Amici della Musica di Voghera, in collaboration with “Hans Swarowsky di Milano” and IdeaNove presents:
IX Concorso Internazionale di Canto Lirico “Alfredo Giacomotti”

Art.1 - Competition specifications and objectives

The competition is open to Italian and foreign singers. There is no upper age limit.

Among the objectives of the competition, auditions may lead to casting for "La Traviata" (directed bh M° Julius Kalmar) and "Il Trovatore". These operas will be produced by Festival Ultrapadum 2018 and “B.O.F Bitonto Opera Festival”. The roles open for auditions are:

"La Traviata"

"Il Trovatore"

Art. 2 - Registration

Registration is ON-LINE and must be submitted before Dec. 6th 2017 at 10:30pm (22:30).
Participants are required to input contact and personal information in the on-line form along with a picture of an ID card or passport.
Each singer must submit a selection of 4 aria titles. ONE of the arias MUST be chosen from the mandatory list (Art.4), as to be sung in the celebration concert with a live orchestra.
Arias must be sung in its original key along with recitative and caballetta where applicable.

Art. 3 - Payment

Payment is ON-LINE through Paypal (credit cards, paypal account, Lottomatica)

CASH payment on site is possible but highly discouraged. Last minute cash payment are €105 / €90 (€20 late fee).
Even in the case of cash payment on site, registration MUST be submitted on-line before Dec. 6th 2017 at 10:30pm (22:30).
Travel and lodging expenses are not included.

Art. 4 - Mandatory arias
Please refer to the Italian page

Art. 5 - Selections

All participants must be ready to sing their first aria on December 8th at 1:30pm (13:30)
Selections will begin at 2pm (14:00) - The audition list will be posted the same day.
Singers must bring sheet music for the pianist.

Art. 6 - Accompanists

A local pianist accompanist will be available for €15. If you wish to be accompanied by your own pianist, you may do so. accompagnati da un proprio pianista se non intendono usufurire dell'accompagnatore del concorso.

Art. 7 - Jury
Please refer to the Italian page

Art. 8 - Exams

Exanination will be articulated in three steps: selections, semifinals and finals. Winners of the finals will take part in the celebration concert with a live orchestra. General audiences are allowed throughout the competition.
All singers who receive a prize or a honorable mention are allowed into the celebration concert

  1. Selections:
    Each singer will perform the first aria. The Jury may stop the execution at any time. Singers will either pass or fail the selection based on the jury's majority.

  2. Semifinals:
    Each semifinalist will sing the second aria. Once again, the jury will decide how many contestants are admitted to the finals.

  3. Final performance:
    The Jury will select the last aria from the two remaining. Once again they Jury will produce a list of the winners and honorable mentions

  4. Celebration concert:
    The concert will be held at "Teatro San Rocco, Voghera". The winners will sing arias from the mandatory list. They will be accompanied by the "ORCHESTRA FILARMONICA DEI NAVIGLI" directed by M° JULIUS KALMAR

Art. 9 - Grading

Each contestant will receive score as the average from all jurors, with the elimination of the highest and lowest ones.
The first three prizes will be awarded to the highest scores.

Art. 10 - Prizes

Cash prizes, prize concerts and honorable mentions will be awarded as following:
Please refer to the Italian page for the complete list of awards
The jury, in accordance with the artistic director of the Festival Ultrapadum, B.O.F, the participating entities and organizers who will host the price concerts, reserves the right to cast finalists even if they did not receive a final prize.

Art. 11 - Extras

The Committee reserves the right to admit late participants, based of serious and proven reasons, until the end of the first preliminary phase.  Also the Committee reserves the right not to assign prizes or divide them in the case of a tie.
By entering the contest, candidates waive performance rights regarding any radio, Tv  and photo shoots happening during all phases of the competition, also waiving any monetary request.
The Committee’s judgement is irrevocable.
Information sent to “Società dell'Accademia” will be used only to communicate corporate related events.
By entering the contest you agree to accept of rules isted in this document.
The Tribunale di Voghera is the legal forum for any dispute which must be formulated in Italian.

This english translation was made available to foreign singers, and it is meant to be as accurate as possible.
In case of doubt, please, refer to the official and complete regulation of the competition in Italian.